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Welcome to The Artful Dodger, a haven of artistic inspiration and timeless elegance. Immerse yourself in the captivating charm of Mid-Century Modern design, where every detail has been thoughtfully curated to create a truly exceptional experience.

The Artful Dodger

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Experience the artful elegance and serene ambiance of The Artful Dodger, one of the three exquisite bedrooms at Cellar House NOTL.

Adorned with gold-framed paintings that showcase the natural landscapes of the Niagara region and beyond, this room creates a captivating artistic haven within the heart of Cellar House NOTL.

As you enter The Artful Dodger, you'll be greeted by 8' ceilings adorned with a multi-speed ceiling fan, providing a gentle breeze to enhance your comfort. The solid oak hardwood floors, reminiscent of the 1960s, exude artful elegance, while an area rug adds an extra layer of coziness.

Large 5' windows grace the room, allowing natural light to flood in while offering the option of controlling the lighting with artfully designed darkening curtains. Whether you seek a bright and airy space or a cozy sanctuary, the adjustable curtains cater to your preferences.

The queen size bed in The Artful Dodger features a soft velvet headboard and is adorned with artful throw pillows, creating a plush and inviting atmosphere. Extra pillows are also provided to ensure artful comfort during your stay.

Conveniently placed, an artfully designed nightstand with a bedside lamp offers a spot for reading and adds a touch of ambient lighting. Additionally, an art-inspired dresser and closet provide ample space for storing folded and hanging clothes, allowing for an organized and easily accessible stay.

Experience the allure of The Artful Dodger at Cellar House NOTL and immerse yourself in the perfect blend of artful elegance, artistic inspiration, and luxurious comfort.

Lavish Comfort: Queen Size Velvet Bed

Experience the pinnacle of comfort and style with our queen size bed featuring a soft velvet headboard. Indulge in blissful nights of rest and relaxation in The Artful Dodger. The luxurious velvet upholstery adds an opulent touch, while the accompanying throw pillows invite you to sink into pure comfort. Wake up refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to embrace the day's adventures in the Niagara region and beyond.

Inviting Mid-Century Modern Design

Serene Illumination

Embrace natural light and privacy in The Artful Dodger with its 5' windows and darkening curtains. Find the perfect balance of brightness and seclusion as you adjust the curtains to control the lighting. Immerse yourself in the captivating charm of this thoughtfully designed room, where comfort and serenity await.

Vintage Sophistication

Embrace the allure of Mid-Century Modern design in The Artful Dodger. With its gold-framed paintings and pictures showcasing natural landscapes from the Niagara region and beyond, this space exudes timeless elegance. Step into a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary aesthetics, creating an unforgettable ambiance for your stay.

Ambient Bedside Charm

Elevate your bedtime experience with the nightstand and bedside lamp in The Artful Dodger. This carefully curated duo combines functionality and style, providing a convenient surface for your essentials and a warm, ambient glow for added comfort. Experience the harmonious blend of functionality and style in The Artful Dodger.

Step into Artistic Serenity

Experience the allure of The Artful Dodger, a captivating retreat that seamlessly blends Mid-Century Modern design with timeless elegance. Discover a haven of relaxation and stylish comfort, adorned with stunning artwork and thoughtfully curated decor. Unwind in the cozy embrace of this vintage-inspired space, where every detail is carefully crafted to create a serene ambiance.