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Welcome to the Chef's Haven at Cellar House, the culinary paradise that combines comfort and style. Embark on a gastronomic journey like no other in a meticulously designed space, where every detail has been carefully considered to ensure convenience and pleasure, elevating your cooking experience to new heights.

The Chef's Haven

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Discover The Chef's Haven in Cellar House NOTL: Unleash Your Culinary Creativity

With its inviting atmosphere, 8' ceilings, built-in lighting, and a large 3' window overlooking the backyard, The Chef's Haven sets the perfect stage for your culinary creations.

In this kitchen space, you'll find solid cherry wood cabinetry fully stocked with all the essentials you need for a seamless cooking experience. From glassware, coffee mugs, pots & pans, and cookware to cutting boards, plates, bowls, forks, knives, spoons, and more, everything is thoughtfully organized and within easy reach. The under cabinet lighting adds a touch of ambiance and ensures convenient visibility while working in the kitchen.

Experience the convenience and performance of top-of-the-line appliances in The Chef's Haven. The Maytag four-burner electric stove features a warming plate and precise temperature control for cooking. A microwave is readily available for quick heating and reheating. The dishwasher makes cleanup a breeze, while the Kenmore combination fridge and freezer provide ample storage space for all your ingredients.

Coffee enthusiasts will be delighted with the various coffee makers available in The Chef's Haven. Choose from programmable drip coffee makers, French presses, and percolators to enjoy your preferred brewing method and start your day off right.

Stay refreshed and hydrated with the convenient water dispenser. It offers cold, cool, and hot water settings, providing instant access to your preferred temperature for drinking or preparing hot beverages.

As you create culinary wonders in The Chef's Haven, take in the beautiful view from the large 3' window that overlooks the backyard. Let the natural light and serene surroundings inspire your creativity and enhance your cooking experience.

Discover The Chef's Haven in Cellar House NOTL, a kitchen haven for food enthusiasts seeking culinary excellence. With its well-equipped features and inviting ambiance, this kitchen sets the stage for unforgettable culinary experiences.

Cook with Precision & Efficiency

Elevate your culinary experience with the Maytag four-burner electric stove, featuring a convenient warming plate. Prepare delicious meals with ease and precision using the four burners, each offering optimal heat distribution for efficient cooking. The warming plate keeps your dishes at the perfect temperature until you're ready to serve, ensuring that every bite is enjoyed at its best.

Inviting Mid-Century Modern Design

Cellar House kitchen: A modern and well-equipped kitchen with sleek countertops, stainless steel appliances, and ample space for culinary creations.

Roomy Refrigeration

The Kenmore fridge and freezer combination provides generous storage space for your ingredients and groceries. With adjustable shelves and compartments, organizing your food items is a breeze. The freezer section allows for convenient freezing and preservation. This reliable appliance ensures your kitchen is well-equipped and organized, making meal preparation effortless.

A Brew for Every Palate

Discover a world of coffee possibilities with our selection of programmable drip, French presses, and percolators. Whether you prefer a smooth and aromatic cup of drip coffee or the rich and bold flavors of French press or percolated coffee, our variety of coffee makers ensures you can brew your perfect cup every morning. Elevate your coffee experience right in the comfort of Cellar House.

Scenic Backyard View

Enjoy a picturesque view of the backyard through the large 3' window, seamlessly bringing the beauty of the outdoors into the kitchen. Bask in natural light while preparing meals, creating a bright and inviting ambiance. This window serves as a portal to nature, allowing you to appreciate the serene surroundings of the house. Enjoy the tranquil vistas offered by Cellar House.

Reserve Your Exclusive Retreat

Experience the culinary haven of Cellar House for yourself. Reserve your stay today and unlock the delights of our fully-equipped kitchen. From preparing gourmet meals to creating cherished memories with loved ones, the Chef's Haven is ready to elevate your culinary experience. Book now and embark on a delightful journey of flavors and culinary exploration.